Portugal | 2011
Manuel Guerra
Programme date: 17.01.2013
Programme time: 21.00

Sometimes we forget the reason why we do things. Sofia is a very keen student of ballet, but does not have enough confidence in her abilities. Will Sofia be able to let go through the "movement" of her body?

Director Biography
Manuel Guerra

Manuel Guerra is a finalist of the course of cinema in the department of Directing at the Superior School to the Theatre and Cinema. He is the co-founder of the associations IN Movimento Jovem and Cais dos Ossos to promote culture and civism among people. He has been working directly with the parish council of Corroios, the city council of Seixal and a Theatre Group called “Oprimido de Lisboa”. His films have participated in several festivals in various places: Avanca, Barreiro, Brussels, Hanover, Lisbon, Milan, Moscow, Oporto, Viana do Castelo and Vila do Conde.

Short Fiction

Manuel Guerra

Teresa Pereira

Director of photography:
Inês Duarte

Film Editing:
Joana Góis

Film School:
Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema - Portugal

Mariana Correia

Production Companies:
Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema - Portugal

Elsa Alves, Isabel Ruth