The Netherlands | 2011
Francisca Toetenel
Programme date: 17.01.2013
Programme time: 21.00

Having spent her life devoid of her father's presence, Katya—a too-mature-for-her-age adolescent in transition—finally decides to face the man that she wants to call 'Dad' so badly. With an overbearingly erratic mother on medication who tries to conceal the father's current state of existence, Katya's desire to search for the man who had left her before she could even speak, grows even stronger by the day. Once she embarks upon the quest, the result is far from what she envisioned. Katya's reunion with her father turns into an unexpected revelation and realization.


Director Biography
Francisca Toetenel

Francisca Toetenel was born in 1978. She studied Industrial Product design – a field in which she worked and had her own company for several years. She decided to alter her course in life and went on to study film direction at the Brussels Film Academy, which included an exchange year at the Prague Film Academy, FAMU. She graduated her Bachelor degree with Magna Cum Laude and is currently working on her Master film.

Short Fiction

Francisca Toetenel

Francisca Toetenel

Director of photography:
Nisha Jurairatanporn, Dimo Popov

Film Editing:
Francisca Toetenel

Film School:
Rits School of Arts – Brussels

Francisca Toetenel

Production Companies:
Cisca films

Michaela Patočková, Veronika Bellová, Michal Bregant, Eva Leimbergerová