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    Peter Handke (Austria)  
Details The novelist, poet, and playwright Peter Handke was born in 1942 in Griffen, Austria. He spent his childhood in both East Berlin and Griffen. In 1961 he began law studies in Graz, Austria. In Graz he became involved with the literary group known as "Das Forum Stadtpark" and published pieces in the journal "Manuskripte."


    Andrea Gambeta (Italy)  
Details Andrea Gambetta was born in Parma in 1964. Since 1985 he has been part of the management of Centro Culturale Edison in Parma, encompassing Cinema Edison and Teatro Cinghio, as well Galleria delle Colonne. His field of action includes multimedia events, cinema, drama, dance, classical music and jazz, as well as figurative arts.


    Ninos Feneck Mikelidis (Greece)  
Details Ninos Feneck Mikelidis was born on Cyprus in 1936. He is a journalist and historian of the Greek cinematography. From 1976 he worked as a film critic of the most influential Greek magazine Elefterotipija. He published several books about films, three collections of poems, a diary about the prison years and the translations of Harold Pinter’s poems.


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