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  Contemporary trends / Детаљи  
19-01-2008 | 18:00 | Romania
Cristian Nemescu
Duration:155 min
Razvan Vasilescu, Maria Dinulescu, Armand Assante, Jamie Elman, Alexandru Margineanu, Laura Voicu
Screenplay: Tudor Voican, Cristian Nemescu
Producer: Andrei Boncea
Photography: Liviu Marghidan
Editing: Catalin Cristutiu

Festival guest:
Razvan Vasilescu

After several weeks of bombing in Serbia during the 1999, NATO decides it is imperative to install a ground-based radar system under top-priority conditions and neighboring Romania looks like the ideal location. Since it has to be done quickly, the American soldiers supervising the equipment transport have no official permissions, but only the verbal approval of the Romanian government. US Marine Cpt Jones is assigned to escort a train carrying NATO equipment. His mission is held back by Doiaru, apparently a very thorough station master in a godforsaken village, who halts the train over a paperwork technicality. The community makes ridiculous efforts to welcome the Americans, intending to profit from their unexpected presence. The troops join the game - and Doiaru's own daughter has a brief affair with Sgt. McLaren. Tired of waiting to get help from higher authorities, Cpt Jones decides to take the situation into his own hands...

  • Un Certain Regard Award, Cannes 2007
  • Iris award for Best Film, Brussels European Film Festival 2007
  • Golden Falcon, Ibiza Film Festival
35mm, colour
Production: Mediapro Pictures, Temple Film



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