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Several days of Oblomov's life
16-01-2008 | 15:00 | USSR
Nikita Mikhalkov
Duration:143 min.
Oleg Tabakov, Yury Bogatyrev, Andrey Popov, Elena Solovey, Alexey Leontiev, Andryusha Razumovsky, Oleg Kozlov, Elena Kleshchevskaya, Eugeny Steblov, Nikolay Pastukhov, Eugenia Glushenko
Screenplay: Alexander Adabashian, Nikita Mikhalkov
Photography: Pavel Lebeshev
Editing: Eleonora Praskina

Festival guest:
Nikita Mikhalkov

Based on the novel "Oblomov" by I. Goncharov. A kind idler Oblomov and businesslike Shtolts are friends from their early years. During his whole life Shtolts is trying to make his friend more active, but the latter does not understand all this vanity, though he suffers, since he can't find a niche for himself. Even his love to Olga Ilyinskaya can't put him out of his world of sleeping and peace. Having been disappointed Olga marries Shtolts. Oblomov dies and leaves the Shtoltses his 7-year-old son, born by unloved woman.
35mm, colour
Production: MOSFILM


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