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Impressions from the Festival

Impressions from the Festival

During the talks with the students whose films have been shown in the Competition Programme of the Kustendorf Film Festival, just before announcement of the winners, we have managed to find out about their impressions on the Festival, staying in Drvengrad, and importance of the meeting with each others and with worldly renowned directors.

      Slaven Rogosic, Italy, director of the film ‘Lost’

‘What can I say, it’s good to meet people with the similar education, who share the same dilemmas and have no idea what does or doesn’t goes over in the film industry. Of course, the Festival can’t give us answers to all these questions but it’s much easier when you meet other people, see other movies. At the film school I’ve attended, we had a chance to meet some ‘big’ names so this time it was much more interesting to meet the younger authors, such as Eran Kolirin, and to see what problems did they have to solve during the filming of their first film.’

      Iram Parveen Bilal, USA, director of the film ‘Marwa’

‘I really have enjoyed being here. You could meet different people, and see authors from different countries exchanging ideas of great importance for the modern world. There is so many differences in our education, so you had a chance to see that somebody makes films in a way you didn’t even know is possible. It was an experience that totally broadened my horizons.’

      Martin Hampton, UK, director of the film ‘Possessed’

‘I think it’s very generous motive to bring us all here. This is very open-minded environment, with not much restrictions at all. We are surrounded with all these intensive landscapes in which we can withdraw anytime we get tired of the film atmosphere we’re in.’

      Nikola Lezaic, director of the film ‘Boxer Goes to Heaven’

‘I really like it all here. Maybe it would be a little bit better if the workshops were more concrete, with more concrete tasks for us. It’s great that we could meet colleagues from other countries and to compare not only our films, but also the production conditions in our schools.’

      John Thompson, USA, director of the film ‘Songbird’

‘This is one of the most refreshing experiences I had in last ten years. In Los Angeles, where I live now, the whole culture is saturated with what is practical. Two most common questions you can hear there are: How big is your budget and how much did you earn? But here, everything is focused on the authors and I really do believe I needed it all at this moment of my studies.’

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